Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm so horny, I can't even watch the Food Network without wondering how Bobby Flay would be in bed. I've been so sex crazed lately, I made myself cum three times yesterday. Sigh, if only Conor was here, it'd be so much less work and so much more satisfying.

On a happier note, I made hamburgers for lunch! Yum.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Conor and the other woman

Conor and I spent our first night in Key West sightseeing and groping each other when people weren't looking, and occassionally groping each other when people were. When we got back to the hotel, we peeled off our sweaty clothes and jumped in the shower to wash away the humidity of the Florida air. Though the shower is for getting clean, showering with Conor is always dirty. As he soaped up my breasts and lathered down the front of my body, I felt his cock pressing at my back insistently.

"Looks like you've been thinking about me, huh?" I chuckled and reached around to start stroking his cock.

"Well... yeah."

My eyes narrowed. "That didn't sound so sure to me."

Conor backtracked, probably sensing that he had taken a step in the wrong direction. "Of course I was thinking about you but..."

My hand stopped stroking him and I hissed, "But...?"

Conor stammered, "Well, what would you think of a threesome... with another woman?"

I turned around and it felt like laser beams were about to come out of my eyes. Granted, Conor and I have never expressed any feelings of whatever towards each other, none of the "L" word stuff or anything like that, but I thought that we cared about each other. At least I did, anyway.

"Are you telling me that you want to fuck someone else?" There was the most curious feeling in my stomach and my eyes started to sting. Too much sun, obviously. I rinsed off and stomped out to the living room area of the suite, drying myself with a towel as I fumed.

I heard Conor fumbling towards me. "No babe, I'm not saying that, I'm saying I want to watch you fuck another woman. You know that I only want you. You're like, you know, the only one... I care... or whatever." Eloquence was not his strong suit.

I flung my towel at him. "You're dripping on the carpet." I crossed my arms over my naked breasts and watched him dry himself off and throw the towel on a chair.

"Come on Kerry, don't be like that." He started walking towards me.

"Be like what? I'm not being like anything." He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my head to his chest.

"You just want to get your cock sucked by two women at once, such a typical man." I huffed at him.

"No babe, I want you to get as much pleasure as you can handle. I want to see you cum with my cock in your mouth and another woman's tongue on your clit." He kissed me and the argument was done. Who can resist blue eyes and a hard cock? The nibbling of his lips up and down my neck didn't hurt either.

His hands were everywhere, playing with my nipples and circling my clit. I wanted to be everything to him. I pressed up onto my toes and moaned in his ear. I wanted to show him that he didn't need another woman, that I would be plenty enough for him. I took his hand and we went into the bedroom. I pushed him down on his back and shimmied down his body to slip his cock into my mouth but he flipped us, and then it was me on my back, spread for him to explore. As he held me down with one hand, the other slid in and out of my pussy, spreading my wetness as his mouth clamped over my nipple. I wanted to resist but god, it felt so fucking good. I wanted to be angry, wanted to show him what I thought about his ridiculous idea but I couldn't utter a coherent thought. Two fingers were thrusting in my pussy while his thumb circled my clit, sliding over it like his tongue on my nipples. He slid down my body, kissing and licking as he went until his mouth hovered over my clit, fingers thrusting all the while. His tongue lapped at me, drawing out my wetness and coaxing me to a higher point of pleasure. I felt his tongue flatten and slide over the length of my slit, leisurely and teasing me. He parted me with his fingers and licked again, pointing his tongue this time and circling it around my clit but not touching. I groaned and tried to push my pussy closer, but he held me down.

He paused his ministrations and blew air over my parted pussy lips. I cried out, not used to the feeling. Conor murmured, "See, if I had it my way, there would be someone else here, between your legs, licking you. God that would be so sexy, watching someone make you cum while you suck me off. Think about it baby. Think about having another woman kissing your pussy, sucking on your clit and licking your juices. I want to cum just thinking about it. You'd like it. You already do. Your pussy is dripping and looks so fucking juicy." Fuck. I'd been found out. Conor's dirty talk was making me excessively wet and aroused.

How would it feel, being licked by a woman? She wouldn't have Conor's slightly scratchy skin that I enjoyed rubbing against my thighs. Her fingers would be smaller, so maybe she'd have to put more in me as she finger fucked me. Would her tongue be dainty as it licked my clit? I pictured how it would look in my mind. On my back with Conor's cock in my mouth, his hand gripped in my hair as a long head of hair licked my pussy. It was sexy and dirty and more than enough to make me cum. I held Conor's head to my pussy and bucked under his tongue, shuddering with how good it was.

"Turn around and get on all fours." Conor's gruff voice was demanding and I knew he was close to cumming from the raspiness of his voice.

I turned over to present my wet pussy to Conor and waited for the onslaught. Conor did not disappoint. His thick cock slammed into me, and I could feel the head of his cock rubbing my pussy walls and I contracted around it.

"Fuck me harder Conor, fuck me so I cum," I moaned at him. I wanted him to cum, to coat his cock in our mixed cum and to lick him clean like he had licked me. I wanted him to cum because I was going to cum again soon. The threesome picture crept back into my mind, but this time, Conor and I were in the current position, but there was a woman underneath me, licking my clit and his cock as he pushed inside me. I wondered what it would feel like to lick another woman's pussy. Would I like it? How would it feel to have her slick flesh under my tongue? How would she taste? I moaned, thinking of her licking me as I licked her, both of us racing for an orgasm.

"Conor, what would you think of me licking her pussy? Would you like that?"

Conor's grunting and thrusting became more frantic and my pussy juices leaked down my thighs. I needed to cum; Conor's cock and my fantasy were pushing me far over the edge.

"What about her licking my clit and your cock at the same time? You could be fucking me like you are now and she could stroke your cock with her tongue every time you pounded me."

One last thought of inspiration struck.

"I want you to cum inside me baby. I want to watch her lick your cum out of my pussy while I suck my juices off of your cock." The thought of another woman licking me after Conor squirted inside me was too much and I clamped down on his cock. I felt Conor thrust inside me one last time and gasped as wave after wave of cum flooded me.

Conor pulled out quickly, leaving me feeling empty as he walked quickly to the side of the bed. "Lick me clean just like you wanted to." He pulled my head roughly towards his cock and my mouth closed over it, loving his cock with my tongue. I licked him, tasting the saltiness of his cum mingling with the sweetness of mine. Still hard, he fucked my mouth slowly. Conor reached around to finger my clit. It was so sensitive, so good, I was going to cum again. Conor's cock was softening slightly in my mouth but I didn't care. It was so fucking sexy I couldn't stand it.

"I want to see you cum with my cock in your mouth and your pussy full of my cum. You're so wet, I want you to cum now." His middle finger slid into my pussy, coating it with his cum, and then pulled out to rub my clit. I couldn't believe Conor was smearing his cum on my pussy, and I came, the thought too much to bear. Conor lifted his finger to my mouth, and I licked it clean like I had his cock. I smiled at him as he picked me up and carried me back to the shower.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey all! Conor and I are back from vacation and it was fabulous. We rented a nice suite in Key West in Florida and it was so beautiful. I wish I had brought my camera but I forgot it, sigh. I'll be posting soon about the wonderfully naughty things we did! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation time!

Hey all! Going on vacation with Conor! Back in a week or so. I promise I'll have plenty of fabulous stories to tell when I get back.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I got a video call from Dan the other day. It was the first time I'd heard from him since he moved to Canada back in December. He told me about the women he's met, how interesting they were, and I showed him how toned I had gotten from the gym. I think he appreciated the show as I stripped in front of my webcam for him. It was nice to catch up for the first 8 minutes or so but we ran out of things to talk about. On that note, we hung up, glad to say hello, but not making promises to keep in touch.

The first time I ever met Dan, I wasn't attracted to him. The same goes for the second and third time, and so on. He's just not the type of man I want a relationship with. Too crass, too rugged, too many hard planes. As a former military man, he was just too muscular for me to imagine cuddling with. He also had the type of crude humor that made me laugh nervously, glancing around to make sure it was really a joke. Conor had been friends with Dan for a while now, so I had gotten used to having him around. We had an understanding; I didn't find him attractive and vice versa.

I thought he was mean and had a limited view of the world. He thought I was soft, crazy, and not at all the type of person he wanted to see Conor with. Dan's the type of person who fucks and runs. I am the person who wants to connect, wants to have something happen. It's the romantic in me that hasn't been squashed completely by the world. I recall overhearing a conversation between Dan and Conor just after we started seeing each other.

"What the hell are you doing with her man? You don't date females, you fuck 'em and leave 'em."

"I like her. She's different. It's cool, don't worry." I heard Conor crush his beer can.

"Why do you even like her? She's okay but she's not as hot as other girls you've fucked. You could do a lot better." At this point I had the urge to spit in Dan's drink at dinner.

"You'll understand some day, when you meet someone like her."

"Yeah, okay, whatever."

Months passed. When Dan and I saw each other, I was cordial, he was gruff, we pretty much pretended that the other didn't exist. We were just too different to get along. I loved sushi and preferred my steaks cooked rare. He was horrified at the thought of eating seafood that wasn't battered and fried and preferred his steaks well done. (And he calls me crazy, hmph.) So when Dan came over the day before his big moved to Canada, I was relieved for Conor's sake that we wouldn't be passive-aggressively not-arguing anymore.

As we sat on the couch that night to watch one of the Harry Potter films, Conor and I sat on a loveseat, cuddling under a blanket. Dan sat across from us on a recliner. Some time during the movie, Conor's arm drifted around me and his hand made his way under my shirt. Glancing over to the recliner, I saw that Dan was still watching Ron and Hermione do who knows what. I adjusted against Conor to push my nipple into his waiting palm and used my advantage to stroke his stiffening cock through his shorts. Conor leaned down to kiss my neck, tracing sparkling bites along my shoulder and up to my ear. I muffled my moan against his chest and heard Dan cough. I looked over to see if he had noticed but it appeared he was just choking on popcorn. Oh well. Conor's left hand crept slowly between my thighs and pushed my PJ shorts out of the way to play with my clit. With his right hand, he took off my shirt and bra. (What can I say, the man's got talent.) I yanked up the blanket to make sure that Dan didn't get an eyeful. As I positioned myself between Conor's legs, I tore my shorts off so that he would have full access to my pussy. Conor resumed his ministrations, shoving two fingers in my pussy and circling my clit with his thumb, pinching my nipples with his other hand, and kissing and biting my neck. I began to moan and rock back and forth, cradling his cock with my hands, unable to do more.

"It's hot in here," Conor murmured against my skin. He tore the blanket away from us and a cool blast of air tightened my nipples further. I started trying to reach for the blanket to cover my naked body. Conor held me still and I couldn't resist the fingers searching for the special spot in my pussy. Dan probably didn't notice, I think Harry was about to take down Voldemort again anyway.

"I bet Dan wishes he was the one playing with your clit right now. Do you like him watching you baby?"

I hadn't even known that my eyes had closed until they snapped wide open. Dan had taken his eyes off of Dumbledore and was watching us, watching me.

"Your pussy's getting wetter babe. I think you do like it." He chuckled low in my ear. "Cum baby, Dan wants to watch you cum."

My pussy clenched around Conor's fingers and I knew he felt that. I looked over to Dan, saw his tented pants.

Maybe he doesn't loathe me so much after all.

My eyes locked with Dan's; where I usually saw patronization, I saw lust. In the eyes of a man whom I was relieved to see go, who usually treated me with callousness, I saw that he wanted me then. Conor's teeth nipped me right below my ear and I bucked on his fingers as I came, eyes still locked with Dan's.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had just cum in front of Dan, made myself vulnerable to him. I shut my eyes tight and groaned inwardly at the thought of showing him any weakness. Wanting the earth to swallow me whole, I prayed and prayed that I was actually in bed and that I would wake up from my dream any moment now. My divine plea was interrupted by strong hands pulling my legs apart.

What the fuck?

My eyes flew open to see the top of Dan's crew cut between my legs, his face moving towards my pussy. I watched, mesmerized as he got closer, wondering what he was thinking, wondering what his scruff would feel like against my sensitive skin. I felt his tongue rasp my pussy lips, lap at my juices, smearing them across my sex. This was nothing like how Conor licked me. Conor was give and take, making sure my pleasure came first. Dan was all take, demanding surrender. Still unsure of how to proceed and still sensitive from my orgasm just seconds earlier, I backed up only to be caged in by Conor, his cock pressing insistently at my ass. He chuckled, tweaked my nipples, and maneuvered his way out from between me and the loveseat. I began to back up, to distance myself from the unforgiving tongue that was dipping into my cunt, but Dan's muscular arms scooted me back towards the edge of the couch, back to his tongue and teeth. As one arm slid around my waist to keep me from leaving, a rough, work-hardened finger slid into my pussy. His teeth grazed my clit and I held back the need to cum again. I gasped, one hand reaching around his head, holding him there, wishing he would never stop.

Conor had divested himself of clothing and was stroking his cock, watching his friend take my surrender. He stood next to me, on the side of the loveseat and presented me with his cock. I took him in my mouth, tugging at him with the hand that wasn't encouraging Dan to lick me more. I gazed up at him, wondering what he was thinking, but he wasn't looking at me. He was watching Dan's tongue work my clit as his finger dipped in and out of my cunt.

"Two fingers Dan. Rough. Make her cum."

My eyes widened in surprise as Dan grunted. Sure enough, I felt another finger join the first and I thought I was about to swoon. Conor looked down at me, his eyes burning with arousal and some other emotion that I could not name. He brushed the hair out of my eyes and thrust slightly deeper into my mouth. There was something in his expression that made my heart beat faster, and as the head of his cock tickled the back of my throat, I came. I don't know how long I came; it could have been seconds, minutes, hours. My back arched and my thighs clamped around Dan's head.

I was just coming down, trying to blink the stars away from my eyes when Dan growled, "My turn."

Dan was shucking off his clothes as I sat, still stunned by what just occurred. Conor gently nudged me to the side and laid down on the loveseat.

"Ride me, sweetheart." His pupils were dilated, and I could see how much he wanted me, how much it was costing him to be gentle when all he wanted was to pound my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I straddled him, lowering myself precariously onto his cock until it filled me like Dan's fingers had. I began a rhythm, watching Dan strip and watching him come to stand next to the loveseat. As I bounced up and down Conor's cock, Dan grabbed me roughly by the hair and pulled my head towards his awaiting cock. My mouth took him in and my eyes roamed over his body.

I had wondered what was under Dan's clothes before, not in the way that I would if I were interested, but in the way that a woman looks over a man and just... wonders. His cock wasn't as long as Conor's but it was thicker. He didn't mouthfuck me, just held my hair, holding my head close as I'd held his earlier.

I wondered what Dan liked. Conor loved my mouth fucking his cock hard and fast with lots of suction. At the rate that I was bouncing on Conor however, I just couldn't do it. So I let my mouth engulf Dan, sucking slowly, caressing every vein with my tongue, swirling it around the head. I felt Dan shudder and the grip on my hair tightened. Though I was the one in control now, the one giving him pleasure, I still surrendered. I kept my touch soft, pulling on him slightly, giving him all my softness and wetness to sink his cock in. My nose touched the springy hairs at the base of his cock and I felt him stiffen in my mouth.

Finally, I get to taste him.

"Dan she's dripping everywhere, fuck she's so wet." Conor's voice seemed to shake Dan out of his reverie and he pulled back from my mouth, panting. When Dan pulled away, I looked down at Conor, feeling a bit guilty that my attention had been centered elsewhere. He pulled me down onto his chest and kissed me fiercely.

"That was so fucking sexy," he whispered.

"So are you," I whispered back.

Conor looked over my shoulder and tipped me down onto his chest and held my hips to keep me from riding him.

"What are you doing?" I hissed at him, angry enough to spit.

Conor's legs shifted, widening, and I felt Dan kneel between them. Dan's rough fingers slid over my clit, around my pussy, gathering my juices, and circled the little rosebud above it.

"Wait, guys, I don't know if..." I craned my neck around to see what Dan was doing. He was stroking his magnificent cock and still drawing moisture up from my pussy to my ass.

"Hush, you'll like it. Trust me." Conor whispered as he began to kiss me again.

I felt him slide in and out of my pussy again, slowly. A finger began to probe at my back entrance, but Conor was now fucking me so thorougly that I was boneless to protest. One finger became two fingers and though it hurt, it also felt indescribably good. I began to thrust back, fucking Dan's fingers and Conor's cock. Dan's fingers were replaced by a blunt probing, and I felt Dan's cock in my ass. Both men were still, allowing me to adjust. Then, Conor slowly pulled out as Dan pushed his way in. They alternated their thrusts, and I was immobile, feeling nothing but Dan's cock plowing into my ass and Conor's cock deep in my pussy. God it hurt, but it felt so good at the same time. Dan spit on his cock, making it easier to tunnel inside me. Conor's hand were playing with my nipples now, occasionally taking them into his mouth, and I knew he felt my pussy clamp down on him.

"She's gonna cum soon dude."

"Good, me too." Dan punctuated his words by grabbing onto my hips and thrusting harder. Conor responded by increasing the tempo of his thrusts as well.

"Kerry, goddamnit." I whipped my head around to see what Dan was cursing about this time and was surprised to find my mouth colliding with his. It was my first and last kiss with Dan. Our tongues met each other and dueled furiously. We were both straining for the control, his hands gripping me tighter, and my tongue chasing after his. It irked me that he knew I was enjoying this, that I was receiving such pleasure from his cock, and that I was getting even more turned on by this kiss. I'm sure it irked him just as much, for him to know that it was my ass he was fucking, that I was the one who was about to make him cum. He broke off the kiss and slammed into me one last time, groaning.

"Fuuuuck," drawing out the vowel. His cock spasmed inside me, setting off my third orgasm for the night. Right at the peak, I distantly felt Conor's cock swell and his warm cum in my pussy. The three of us lay there panting, me on top of Conor, Dan on top of me. Poor Conor, no wonder he'd requested a back massage later that night.

The magic left as quickly as it came. Dan pulled out, which left me scrambling to my feet to get to the bathroom, trying not to leak on the hardwood floors. Coming out of the bathroom, Dan and Conor were standing at the door. Dan had put on his clothes and Conor had pulled on his boxers. I felt very out of place, still nude. After an awkward hug and a pat on the rump, I huffed out my "Have a nice life" at Dan and watched him pull away in his truck. Conor and I cleaned up the living room and showered. We picked up with Harry Potter where we'd left off and that was that.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I should go to the gym, but after having made myself cum twice (thanks Bathing Bunny Vibrator!), I just want to shower and lay in bed. And then maybe cum some more. I haven't gone running in 3 days and it's making me anxious and slightly cranky. It's the getting myself into clothes and going to the gym part that's hard. Once I'm there I know I'll be flying but right now I just want to be a couch potato.

Netflix is boring.

Honestly, if I have to watch one more South Park rerun, I'm going to cry.

Watching TV with Conor has its perks; a warm man to snuggle up to, someone to laugh with, a hard cock and an incredbile tongue that gets the job done. Being college students, we don’t have a lot of money. I’m okay with that though, it’s part of the culture.

“Do you want to go do something tonight? Go out to eat?” I sighed.

“Honey we have steaks marinating in the fridge,” Conor said patiently.

“Oh, right. Okay.” I didn’t mean to sound like a priss, I just felt… restless. I wasn’t quite horny enough to fuck, but I could be.

Conor got up and pecked me on the cheek, “I’m going to grab a beer and a snack. I’ll grab you a Coke, extra ice.”

I smiled, it was so like him to be so giving even when I wasn’t exactly at my best.

If only I could give him something too…

Inspiration struck (what can I say, I’m brilliant) and I slipped on Conor’s favorite type of lingerie get-up; a skimpy bra, an even skimpier g-string, a garter belt, and silky black stockings. I scooted myself to the side of the bed and rummaged in our sex drawer for my purple vibrator. A basic number, slim and smooth. Planting my feet on the bed, I spread my legs wide so that the first thing Conor would see when he walked back through the door would be my slick shaved pussy, barely covered by a scrap of fabric. I knew he would get hard instantly.

The excitement of what I was doing to surprise Conor made my pussy slick with juice. As I turned on my vibrator to a low hum, I imagined what he would do when he walked through the door. Images floated through my mind, taking me to a higher level of arousal.

Would he pull the vibrator out of my hand and plunge his cock inside me, hard and fast?

I thought of him fucking me hard and fast, and my pussy tightened around the vibrator, sucking it deeper inside me. The idea of him claiming me, marking me, made my heart flutter.

Would he stand stunned, and then begin to stroke himself?

I could picture him fisting his cock, wishing that he was the vibrator. I moan aloud at the thought, wondering if he would bring himself to the brink and cum on my body.

Maybe he’ll –

I never finished the thought, because the man of the hour then walked in with a bottle of Bud Light in one hand and my Coke in the other.

“Hi stranger,” I flushed, but kept running my vibrator up and down my slit, dipping it into my cunt every pass.

Conor sputtered, put down the drinks, “Wow. Hi.”

“Thanks for my Coke.” I peeked inconspicuously at him through half-lidded eyes. Yep, he was hard.

Conor knelt between my spread legs and watched for a minute as I coated the vibrator with my juices and circled it around my clit. Gently, he wrested the vibrator away from me and began his own ministrations with it. He laid the length of it along my slit, not moving it.

Do something, damnit!

He knew he was torturing me, watching as my pussy juices ran down onto the sheets, watching my body writhe, trying to make more direct contact with the vibrator.

“Hush, I know what you want.” He plunged the vibrator into my cunt and thrust it in and out steadily.

“Conor…” I whimpered. I wanted more, anything, just more.

Conor is a giving man, both in bed and out. But in bed, he also takes what he wants, and that’s when I get the most aroused. I love when he uses me for pleasure, and I trust him to take me to that high place with him. Being at his mercy made my pussy clench, and I knew it was just what he wanted.

Conor’s tongue flicked out against my clit, leaving me gasping. He licked one smooth motion, from the opening of my pussy where the vibrator was, all the way over my clit. He took the little nub of pleasure into his mouth and sucked on it, all while thrusting that damn piece of plastic in and out of me.

I’m going to die. Someone help me, I am going to die with Conor licking my pussy.

With that thought in my mind, I began to climb. My body tightened and I was there, on the brink, about to cum and then… Nothing. The vibrator was turned off and set on the night stand, and Conor turned his attention to the sex drawer.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I was outraged and had a mind to slap that man into submission until he went back to licking me.

Conor pushed me gently back down onto the mattress and blew on my clit, cooling it down and diminishing my need to cum right then and there. Then I felt something cool trickle down my ass.

Lube. Fuck.

Just as the thought registered in my mind, I felt a gentle nudging at my back door. The nudging became more insistent and I permitted the entrance. My anal vibrator slid slowly, nub by nub into my ass. I felt pain but at the same time, a shiver of pleasure and fullness. Once it was in, Conor clicked it on. The vibrations crept up my spine, making my face hot and my breasts heavy and full. And then I felt a second vibration. My purple vibrator was back. I watched incredulously as Conor slid it in my pussy. The dual vibrations were sheer bliss. Conor held the vibrators in place with my g-string, and knelt on his knees beside my face.

“Suck my cock,” he ordered as he rolled my nipples with his left hand.

He pushed his cock between my waiting lips and I tasted the salty pre-cum, and I knew I had to have more. It wasn’t so much as me sucking Conor’s cock as it was Conor thrusting roughly into my mouth and squeezing my nipples until they were bright red. I took him in, all of him. I needed him to fill my mouth. I sucked him until my cheeks were hollow and with every thrust I ran my tongue underneath the head of his cock. I wondered how I looked, filled in every hole, not wanting to cum, wanting more.

“You love this don’t you? I knew from the first minute I ever laid eyes on you that you would be a cock hungry slut.” A sharp squeeze on my nipples followed. “You’re my slut, don’t you ever fucking forget it. Your tight pussy, your hot little mouth, mine.” Each word was punctuated with a thrust going deeper into my throat. It was too much, his words, his cock, the vibrations. More pre-cum oozed from his cock onto my tongue. I was going to cum and I was going to cum hard.

“Conor, Conor, Conor…” I was trying to hold out, I didn’t want to cum. Not without him, not without tasting his cum or feeling it shoot inside me.

Conor ripped the vibrator from my pussy and tossed it on the other side of the bed where it stayed, vibrating idly. He flipped me onto all fours and positioned himself behind me, his cock poised at my entrance. I pushed myself backward slightly, trying to get more of him inside me. In return, I got a sharp slap on my ass.

“You’ll get cock when I decide you get cock.” Conor dipped slightly inside me, pulled out, and ran his slick cock over my clit. The vibrator in my ass was still going and this was too much yet not enough at the same time. Without warning, Conor slammed into my pussy, knocking me forward and pushing the anal vibrator in deeper.

He pounded me mercilessly, driving me closer and closer to the orgasm that had eluded me previously. His grunts blended with my moans, causing me to moan more. There’s something about the sounds of a man in passion that makes my pussy drip.

“Who do you belong to?” he rasped at me.

He wants me to converse when I’m about to cum hard enough to bring the moon out of orbit?

“I… I… umm…” I couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, my thoughts were centered on how the head of his cock rubbed against that special spot in my pussy.

“Kerry, tell me who you belong to. Tell me now.” He gripped my hair and pulled, knowing this would bring pain but even more pleasure. How I love being dominated by him.

“You, I belong to you Conor, please.” I managed to whisper it through the prick of tears and the intense pleasure that shook me.

“Good, then cum for me.” With that, he spread his index and middle finger into a V and rolled them up and down my clit, teasing it, pleasuring it, pleasuring me.

I’m done for, I’m so done for.

With that, the tightness in my pussy spread, wound up inside me. I was taken over by it and felt only Conor plowing into me, his fingers rubbing my clit now, and the soft buzzing.

“Fuck, your pussy is clamping down on me babe, cum. I’m going to cum, fuck, I’m going to cum in your pussy and you’ll clean me off afterwards.”

And then the moon was pulled out of orbit, the waves went crazy, and I came. I saw stars and may have blacked out momentarily. I felt Conor squirting inside me, leaving me feeling wet, warm, and incredibly satisfied. Turning around quickly, I took Conor’s cock into my mouth, sucking it and licking it clean of our juices. When I was satisfied, Conor kissed me, smacked my ass lightly and said, “You’re leaking, go clean up.”

I think I could maybe fall for this man.